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For some trainings I need to use Windoze, but since I prefer to do all my work on Linux I'm using TightVNC to connect from Linux to Windoze (XP).

That's how I connect from Linux to Windoze:

alias windoze='xvnc4viewer -fullscreen'

If you want to leave full screen, or other things press <F8>. Note that the pop up window will come in a relative position to the mouse, so move the mouse towards to top of the screen.

remote editing

from here

It might also be interesting not to take over the full screen, but to export a sshfs from windows in order to edit a few files.

OpenSSH ported to Windows

Mini SFTP Server for Windows

After you have launched the msftpsrvr.exe application, you can configure a single User ID / Password combination, the port number on which the server will run, and the directory which will serve as the root path for the server... After you have adjusted the settings to your needs, simply click on the Start button to start the server... If you are behind a router, you will need enable port forwarding to your machine using the port you specified in the configuration...

After you have run the application once, it stores the values you've supplied into the registry for future use... The registry keys can be deleted if you'd like (HKCU/Software/FTPWare), or you can simply clear the fields of the application prior to exiting the program to clear the registry entries...

To start the server process immediately upon launch (using the values previously stored in the registry), you can add the -start switch to the shortcut or from the command line, (i.e. msftpsrvr.exe -start)...

This is how I exported the C drive: <c:\>

To log in from Ubuntu to such a server (running in Windoze):

Places->Home Folder->Go->Location and enter sftp://<windoze-ip-address>

Or if you like it more commandline:

sudo apt-get install sshfs
sudo adduser <yourusername> fuse
mkdir /tmp/sftp
sshfs <username>@ /tmp/sftp/