Process Improvement Consulting

Around 100 years ago, Charles Schwab, president of Bethlehem Steel, wanted to increase his own efficiency, and of the management team at the steel company. Ivy Lee, a well-known efficiency expert of the time, approached Mr. Schwab, and made a proposition Charles Schwab could not refuse:

Ivy Lee: "I can increase your people's efficiency – and your sales – if you will allow me to spend fifteen minutes with each of your executives."

Charles Schwab: "How much will it cost me?"

Ivy Lee: "Nothing, unless it works."

Charles Schwab: "It's a deal."

We'll make you a proposition you can not refuse as well, especially in times like these. Unlike with Charles Schwab and Ivy Lee it's much more complex to create embebbed software than to produce steel, which means you need a customized solution to improve your efficiency and effectiveness, but we'll take up the challange.

You'll show us your development process and we'll show you how to improve it. If it does not work it's free otherwise we'll charge a very competitive price. (Of course we need to charge travel expenses in any case to visit you on-site)

Please contact us for further details.