Delivery Options

Training Delivery Options

We are specialized in Embedded Systems training. All the training material is English, but the presentation can be in English or German.

On-Site Workshops

  • Starting from approx. 4 participants (depending on the spot in the world you are) it might be cheaper to book an on-site workshop at your facility instead of a public training - you'll save  the travel expenses of your participants
  • Conducted at your facility and customized if needed (at extra cost)
  • Laptops and boards are provided for the duration of the training
  • Although usually the setup takes only around 60 min we recommend that you build in sufficient set-up time, as we may encounter problems that can take time to be resolved

On-Line Workshops

  • Workshops are conducted via teleconference and through interactive online collaboration tools
  • Trainees have remote access to build servers and boards
  • You save travel expenses of your participants and the trainer
  • Works also for
    • few attendees (no travel expenses)
    • multiple-sites at the same time (no travel expenses)
  • We'll work out a convenient timezone
  • Working side-by-side with the instructor, participants get plenty of hands-on experience
  • It's recommended to check the infrastructure before the training to avoid problems
  • Υou can break up the training in such a way that works around your schedules (at extra cost)

On-Site/On-Line Combination Workshops

  • In case you want the trainer to fly to one of your premises, but have multiple sites worldwide we can also do an on-site/on-line combination workshop
  • You don't need to fly in all participants to a certain place and save their travel expenses

Training Solution for Individuals

  • Training solution for one person
  • Public workshop
  • On-line workshop - no travel expenses
  • On-site workshop - travel expenses for trainer

Self-Paced Online Course

  • As the marked demands for it we will offer comprehensive, self-paced courses
  • Attend the training from home or work

Please contact us for further inquiries.