Responsive image Throughout the first half of this season, Elliot and Mr. Robot have pursued their own competing agendas, with the fate of the Dark Army’s “Stage 2” against E Corp hanging in the balance. “” brings this conflict to a head, with Elliot losing his ability to retain control as he races to stop the attack.

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There is, no doubt, a learning curve when you begin using a real-time operating system (RTOS) in your development. You will work at a higher abstraction level, using more or less parallel tasks rather than just subroutines, and you will need to consider how your tasks shall share data and the processor time with each other.

RTOS debugging, part 1: Dealing with timing issues

RTOS debugging, part 2: Your tasks need that CPU; don’t starve them of it

RTOS debugging, part 3: Chasing the jitter bug

RTOS debugging, part 4: Priority inversion – when the important stuff has to wait

RTOS debugging, part 5: Deadlock – when everybody wants the fork