Chinese hackers find over a dozen vulnerabilities in BMW cars


Responsive image Chinese security researchers have discovered more than a dozen vulnerabilities in the onboard compute units of BMW cars, some of which can be exploited remotely to compromise a vehicle. The research of BMW cars is an ethical hacking research project. In the research, Keen Security Lab performed an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of both hardware and software on in-vehicle infotainment Head Unit, Telematics Control Unit and Central Gateway Module of multiple BMW vehicles. Through mainly focusing on various external attack surfaces, (including GSM network, BMW Remote Service, BMW ConnectedDrive System, Remote Diagnosis, NGTP protocol, Bluetooth protocol, USB and OBD-II interfaces), Keen Security Lab has gained local and remote access to infotainment components, T-Box components and UDS communication above certain speed of selected multiple BMW vehicle modules and been able to gain control of the CAN buses with the execution of arbitrary, unauthorized diagnostic requests of BMW in-car systems remotely.

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