Job: Private Cloud Freelancer - Athens mainly Remote



I would like to upgrade my lab in Cholargos/Athens/Greece and add a private cloud (compute node) mainly to be able to easily switch between a training set-up (multiple virtual machines processing power spread among them) and Yocto build (all/most processing power for one build). There should be an option to move parts of it to some public cloud (e.g. DigitalOcean) as well if needed.

Technologies used so far (needs to be upgraded):

  1. Ubuntu 14 servers/HP ProLiant DL360 G5 with
    1. Foreman/Puppet
    2. Docker
    3. KVM/Qemu
    4. custom stuff/scripts to
      • access build servers remotely
      • power on/off embedded hardware
      • access serial consoles
      • access JTAG
New technologies which should be added:
  1. ovirt
  2. OpenStack
... but I am open to suggestions ...

As far as I can see this is mainly a remote part-time freelancer job (also in parallel with your daytime job) with occasional trips to Cholargos if shit hits the fan where manual intervention is needed. A senior level engineer for the design and supervision an a junior level engineer for the implementation would work as well.

Assuming we can come up with a reasonable working solution the person in charge would also have the opportunity to sell this kind of stuff (mainly integration/customization services) world-wide.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested here.