There are at least two disctincly different groups of customers approaching us:

  1. Startups or companies with little or no experience in embedded systems who want to put their idea/product into an embedded system.
  2. Companies who have already moderate to expert level experience in embedded systems and want to have another opinion on how/if it would be possible to improve their development process.

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How to become an Embedded Software Specialist? By working in the field for many years and learning from all the mistakes you made. We made the mistakes and want you to avoid this painful first steps by jumpstarting you. We offer our honest advice about the way we would build the Embedded Systems you are trying to make.

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It's insane doing things the same same way over and over again and expecting them to change: get cheaper, better or different. Sometimes it's good just to hear a few new and fresh ideas to gain better results. We are pretty sure something can be improved in the way your company currently builds embedded software. 

Tell us your needs, check our engagement models and remember our mission statement.